By O.Translator 2024-07-03

Top 5 PDF Translation Websites You Can't Miss in 2024

This article introduces 5 excellent PDF translation websites that feature high translation accuracy, fast processing, and multilingual support. Whether you are a student, scholar, or professional, you can find an ideal translation tool.


1、 From Business to Academia: Comprehensive Applications of PDF Translation

PDF document translation has important applications in business, academia, law, and cross-cultural communication.

In business, multinational companies need to translate contracts, market reports, and product manuals for global operations and communication. Academic researchers obtain the latest findings by translating literature, facilitating research and citation. Law firms need to translate legal documents and regulations when handling international affairs. When immigrating or studying abroad, the translation of personal documents, academic records, and recommendation letters is crucial. Cultural exchange activities, such as international conferences, exhibitions, and training courses, rely on the translation of conference materials and promotional materials.

PDF document translation ensures accurate information transmission across different language backgrounds, promoting seamless communication and collaboration in the globalization process.

2、 Four Key Factors for Choosing the Best PDF Translation Website

Considering the above application scenarios, we have formulated four key evaluation criteria for PDF translation websites to comprehensively assess their advantages and disadvantages:

Translation Quality: Evaluating the accuracy and fluency of the translated text is a core metric to ensure the information is conveyed correctly. The latest AI technology in translation capabilities is approaching human translation, so it is recommended to prioritize translation websites using the latest AI technology.

Cost: Economic efficiency is an important factor in attracting users. Translation services that cater to users with different budgets are more competitive.

Translation Efficiency: This not only includes translation speed but also involves maintaining the original formatting, using terminology databases, and post-translation editing capabilities to ensure high-quality translations are provided in the shortest time possible.

OCR support: For handling scanned or image-format PDF files, the ability to accurately recognize and extract text content is particularly important.

3、 5 Recommended PDF Translation Websites

Google Translate

As a world-leading translation tool, Google Translate provides users with powerful real-time translation services. Supporting hundreds of languages, users can not only translate text and websites but also upload PDF documents and quickly obtain accurate translation results. Whether for daily use or professional needs, Google Translate can handle it.

One major advantage of Google Translate is its free usage. However, it currently does not support scanned PDFs and has a file size limit for PDFs (no more than 300 pages, approximately 20MB). Additionally, Google Translate does not support glossaries and does not offer functionality for further editing of translation results.

DeepL Translator

DeepL supports over 30 languages, and some users find its translation results more natural compared to Google Translate.

DeepL offers both a free version and a subscription model. The free version has translation limits and supports PDF documents up to 5MB only, with a limited number of translations. The subscription version starts at 7 euros per month, which may not be suitable for infrequent users. It is worth noting that although DeepL does not support terminology databases and translation editing, it does support the translation of scanned PDF documents.


DocTranslator is a well-known document translation website that currently supports over 100 languages, capable of meeting most translation needs. It supports scanned PDFs, but like DeepL, it does not support termbases and translation editing.

There are many advertisements and promotional content on the website, which may affect the user experience. Additionally, the cost of translating documents is relatively high. I tried translating a document of over ten pages, and the cost was about more than 30 dollars. You can only view the translated document after payment.


DeftPDF is a fully-featured PDF processing platform that offers powerful translation capabilities. In addition to translating PDF documents, the platform also supports PDF editing, merging, splitting, and various other tools to meet users' comprehensive PDF processing needs.

DeftPDF has a more lenient file size limit but does not support scanned PDFs, nor does it support terminology databases and translation editing features. The pricing is $1 per page, with a discount of $0.5 per page for subscribers.

If you need to merge, split, or perform other operations on PDFs, DeftPDF is a good choice.


OTranslator is an online platform for PDF translation based on the latest AI technology. Users can choose GPT-3.5, GPT-4, Gemini, and GeminiFlash as translation models, offering great flexibility. The translation quality of GPT-4 and GeminiFlash is already close to human translation.

OTranslator supports scanned PDFs, glossary imports, and translation editing. It already supports translation in over 70 languages and can maintain the original layout well, receiving widespread user acclaim. Translation pricing is determined by the selected model and offers a free preview feature to meet different budget needs.

It is particularly worth mentioning that OTranslator supports localized deployment, meeting enterprise customers' requirements for data security. Moreover, when translation issues arise, you can directly contact the corresponding developers through the Discord community and email for resolution.

4、 Conclusion

Based on your translation needs and budget, if you need free PDF translation services, you can consider using Google Translate. However, please note that it does not support the translation of scanned PDF files.

If you require higher translation quality and PDF presentation effects, especially for scanned PDFs, it is recommended to try OTranslator. OTranslator uses the most advanced AI for translation and offers a free preview feature, allowing you to pay only after you are satisfied with the previewed translation results, ensuring your expenses are worthwhile. Most importantly, you can directly contact OTranslator's developers via Discord and email to get quick support when encountering translation issues.